Familie Ellegast
Our family
Notre famille
World Vision

As you can see from our family photo, the Ellegast family is very big. The Ellegast family stronghold has been at Lake Constance for over 200 years. The family name is strongly connected with the city of Constance, though many family members have now moved away and are spread far and wide. Our cosmopolitan attitudes and love of our native country forms a strong connection between many of us.

Whether at our large family celebrations or on small occasions we take great pleasure in meeting people. I often wonder where the name Ellegast comes from but have never found an answer. I only know that the "Gast" in our name, meaning "guest" in English, is certainly true of our nature! We have always enjoyed receiving guests as well as being welcomed by others. Hospitality is not just a word for us but a family tradition.

There are many more things I could tell you about our family but hopefully this brief résumé will give you some idea of what we are like. The Internet cannot replace face-to-face contact and hopefully never will but if you would like to learn more about us you are welcome to write.